Innocent, little humorist, courteous, humble, creative, righteous, easy going and seems like choleric, but romantic (ehm…). Occasionally temperamental. Sometimes like alone and really like lonely (exactly when I get fed up). I am not an expressive one; I love details and comprehensive things. When I am going serious, don’t try to make some joking at me (ooh, really?). Not too introvert, just rather disclosure. Little panic but stay cool… hehehe… so easy to get bored but, I’m not moody one, Ok..!

For me, the educational is absolutely number ONE ,therefore about “love” oups..! (joke). I hade never dated and anti-dating (prêt..!kwkwkwk).. *yeah*. I am systematically person but don’t know how to practice hahaha… Wanna become Ph.D, also wanna be a success women on the world and the day after, Oooh… God Willing… Wait!… I am a moeslimah (You have to know that), hehehe, peace… ^_^ Sometimes, I fall in love too and for me it’s gonna be easy to forget (don’t know why) but for the right time, I will never stop loving for the right one, some day.. Jiaaaaah… but, God Willing…!

One thing! I hate dim light situation when I am reading, studying, and doing everythings! I hate the lamp which provide a bad light… “-_-“ but I like it for sleep and dream 😀